Will Jesus let anyone die if he is at a bedside of a patient needing blood desperately?

Simple Question! Would Jesus save someone’s life if blood transfusion was available at His times. He will definitely. He broke Sabbath and healed on Sabbath day Luke 14:1-6. He also let his disciples pluck and eat corn on Sabbath day Matthew 12:1-7 and he healed on Sabbath day Matthew 12:9-14.
Is it a big deal? Yes it is, because working on Sabbath day means stone to death in Jewish law Numbers 15:35… Anyone working will be put to death. But Jesus gave a very good example of saving life even on Sabbath day. Life is so important that you can even break the most toughest law to save it.
Still this law is called “Pikuach nefesh in hebrew “saving a life” meaning that a life needs to be saved doesn’t matter how much a law is sacred!


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