Constant Changing religious
Yes that is what they say! Often when you attend the meetings or get togethers, you will often listen and someone might ask you “how long you have been in the truth?” or “how you came to the truth?”
Question is how did our human friends become so convinced that the religion which started in 1880 is the Truth and nothing but the truth

  1.  Does it mean that YHWH waited 6000-140 years to bring about the truth. Was YHWH not able to convey the true religion through all the people who were directed by the holy spirit. Was the holy spirit not true spirit?
  2. Change of doctrine by taking the out of context support of Proverbs 4:18-19 does not make sense. Changing the Blood teaching cost the JW sect 1000’s of lives. The blind following is still costing them lives. To read more about blood doctrine read more on
  3. If changing doctrine means that Holy spirit is not guiding them the truth all the time. It means holy spirit is not directing them towards the truth. It is telling the people that today’s truth will change and it is actually falsehood of the future like past truth is the falsehood of today.
  4. Jesus was called  and quoted as “Lord” in past before 1950’s. So at that time Holy Spirit was not giving the right direction and it was totally oblivious about the factual information…Continues